Reddcoin staking is a facility provided by few services. All you have to send you Reddcoins to those service wallet and make them locked for staking and earn commission on it. In our knowledge these two services we tested:

Both of them are reliable upto the date i am writing this tutorial. We deposited and make withdrawl and both are working fine. Transactions were fast due to Reddcoin fast transactions and quick confirmation blockchain.


All you have to make an account on stakecube first. CLICK TO REGISTER ON STAKECUBE.

Once you register on stakecube. All you have to do is enable your Reddcoin from wallet option. Get the deposit address and once the amount of coin reached in your stakecube wallet. It will automatically start staking. Amount of commission coins you will start getting after 24 Hours of stake.

— STEP 1 —

Login to stakecube and click the menu button, then click Wallet in dropdown.

Stakecube Wallet Link

— STEP 2 —

Click on + sign with green button to open Coin List to enable them.

StakeCube wallet button

— STEP 3 —

Scroll down to find ReddCoin RDD , Click + sign in front of it to enable it.

Stakecube wallet enable

— STEP 4 —

In the wallet list our Reddcoin will be available now. Now we have to get deposit address and send our coins to it. Once coins deposited it will automatically comes under staking. We need not to anything else after it. Every day we will get comission for our stake.

Stakecube Wallet Staking



First of all we have to make an account on ExpressCrypto. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON EXPRESSCRYPTO.

Once you register on expresscrypto. Login and find the deposit address for Reddcoin. Or you can even earn Reddcoin from faucet available in ExpressCrypto. Then after getting coins , go to stake section and submit form to start staking. Stake comission will come after 24 hours of stake.


— STEP 1 —

After registration on expresscrypto. We are going to find our deposit address following step given below.

ExpressCrypto Deposit address

— STEP 2 —

Scroll down to find Reddcoin deposit address. Deposit addresses for coins are generated when you register on ExpressCrypto.

ExpressCrypto reddcoin Deposit address

— STEP 3 —

Once deposit Reddcoin. Now we will go to stake page of the coin. Following steps given below

ExpressCrypto stake steps

— STEP 4 —

Minimum for stake on ExpressCrypto is 10 Reddcoin. But APY is 21% which is more than StakeCube staking. Every 24 hours stake rewards will automatically addedd to account balance which we can withdraw.

ExpressCrypto staking

This is easy way to make your coins earn more coins instead of staying idle in wallets. But make sure there are thousands of fake staking sites available in web space showing very high stake percentage but once your coins gone deposited into there website. You will never able to get your coins back. So make sure to check all sites which are offering staking of coins.

ExpressCrypto and StakeCube are two reliable source as per our best knowledge to stake and earn.