Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys – List of Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft excel keyboard shortcuts

List of Excel Shortcuts

In this post you will find list of Microsoft Excel short cut keys. They are helpful in doing excel work quickly.

ShortCut Description
Ctrl + N Create a new blank workbook
Ctrl + O Open an existing Excel file
Ctrl + W Close the selected workbook
Ctrl + S Save the active workbook
F12 Open the save as dialog box
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action
Ctrl + A Select the entire worksheet
Ctrl + C Copy the selected cells
Ctrl + X Cut the selected cells
Ctrl + V paste the contents of the clipboard
Ctrl + P Print the current workbook
Ctrl + B Apply or remove Bold
Ctrl + I Apply or remove Italic
Ctrl + U Apply or remove Underline
F5 or Ctrl + G Display go to dialog box
Ctrl + F or H Open Find or Find/Replace
Shift + F11 Insert a new worksheet
F1 Display Help window
F2 Edit the active/current cell
Shift + F3 Display Insert Function dialog box
Arrow Keys Move one cell at a time
F7 Open spellcheck
F11 Create chart from selected Data
Tab Move one cell to the right
Shift + Tab Move one cell to the left
Delete Remove selected cell contents
Enter Complete a cell entry and select the cell below
Esc Cancel entry in a cell or formula
Home Move to beginning of a row
Page Down Move one screen down
Page Up Move one screen up
Ctrl + 1 Display Format Cells dialog box
Ctrl + Display cell values or formulas
Ctrl + + Display insert dialog box
Ctrl + Home Move to beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl + End Move to the last cell with contents
Shift + Spacebar Select entire row
Ctrl + Spacebar Select entire column
Ctrl + Shift + S Apply currency format
Ctrl + Shift + % Apply percentage format
Alt + = Insert the Auto Sum Formula
Ctrl + F1 Hide or Show the ribbon

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