I wrote a tutorial on ” How to user paperwallet bitcoin ” now time is to make tutorial for how to redeem paperwallet.  Let me remind you paperwallet is the most secured way to store your coins for long terms without paying any fees.  All you have to make sure your ” secret keys ” remain safe.

So lets start our steps and show you how we can redeem paperwallet and get back our coins for further use :-

STEP 1 :-

Make an account on ( Usually all are having an account there as that is the famous wallet for bitcoin )  Here is the link for Sign up if by any chance you not have account there :

STEP 2 :-

Login to your Blockchain Wallet

STEP 3 :-

Once you logged in check in left menu  Settings [ Click on it ] there is sub menu under it.

STEP 4 :-

Under submenu of Settings > Addresses [ Click on it ]

How to redeem paperwallet settings

STEP 5 :-

Check in right hand panel  + Import Address [ Click on it ]

How to redeem paperwallet secret key

STEP 6 :-

After you click on Import Address one Popup ( Modal Window ) will appear to enter you secret key.

So here is our demo Paperwallet Address and Secret Key for Tutorial to check if it works or not.

BTC address : – 1ARkgUNtB7gyGEhucj6Eur8D4Z9S79oLZY

SecretKey :- 5JzGdAbR93jsQfyCwx9UgaHEPhTofAUNhwbAHoiFfaa9TxNEp4P

How to redeem paperwallet bitcoin

STEP 7 :-

Once you click import , PrivateKey ( SecretKey ) will get imported and your bitcoin address will get attached to your wallet. And all the coins which you have in that address will appear in your wallet. ( I was not having coin in that wallet as i generated it for tutorial purpose , but when i will use my paperwallet that time i will take a screenshot and will update this post )

how to redeem paperwallet confirmation

That’s it , Here is your Dashboard having those addresses ready to use.

How to redeem paperwallet Dashboard


At the time of retrieving your bitcoin from Paperwallet through secretkey. If that Paperwallet is older then 30th Novermber 2017. There is possibility of Bitcoin-Cash in it if any amount was left over there in BTC. Same amount of BCH you will get.

Once you import your address in Blockchain through secretKey. You can get your BitcoinCash there and can send to any BitcoinCash address directly from Blockchain.

For Example : My paperwallet older from Date : 30 November 2017. And  i have 0.14 BCH in it , i will get 0.14 BCH too due to BCH Fork for which they provide Equal amount of BCH to all those wallets which are Older then 30th November 2017.