What is online scam site ?

Online scam sites can be of any stream with any kind of activity. For eg: Wasting your time by expecting a return from it.

Majority of time due to our non-awareness with the function of website , we are not able to work properly on those site to get maximum out of it. Slowly we learn from day to day and get realized its a scam site wasting my time for getting nothing.

There is possibility of those sites to ask you some investments to get some result. I like to warn on first step avoid such sites which is asking for an investment unless you know what you are doing and what is the output.

Lets see what kind of those scam sites are :-

  • HYIP ( High Yield Investment Plans ) 99.99% are fake sites which are designed to scam/fraud with online users which are mostly getting trap with them, expecting quick money.
  • PTC ( Paid To Click ) i cant write how much % are scam or potentially scam. But this field is having many honest Paid to click services too like Neobux which is paying since 2008. Due to high amount of scammers in this niche majority of Paid to Click owners are having history of scam. They are running a PTC for suppose 2-3 months , getting upgrades on memberships from users. Paying for 1-2 months and then close the site or left it open unless a user found that is not paying.
  • Faucets ( Cryptocurrency Faucets ) This niche was having very less scam sites but scammers are also in this field too. They are opening an high reward faucet which attracts online earning users and later they realize it is not paying when threshold reached.
  • AutoSurf ( Buy Plans to get Paid ) These kind of autosurf are same like Paid to Click or HYIP , it is a hybrid mixture of PTC and HYIP. They are paying for some days to some months and later run off. So Possible until you reach cashout , it closed down or let it open without paying.
  • Bitcoin Mining ( Cryptocoin Mining ) Be aware of such sites they are opened 99.99% to scam internet users in the name of high return. If you are not aware of cryptocoin , they are decentralized in nature due to this nature it is easy to scam your hard earned money.
  • Bitcoin Doubler ( Double Your Bitcoin In Short Time ) These are another form of scam pages ( not just proper website ) , just to post a lucrative offer to trap greedy nature and quick looking money seeker.
  • MLM ( Matrix or Chain of People ) Even if they are paying this have no end and exaust you to get downline which is really a hard job. This is another way to trap internet users in a well. These Matrix are 100% based on one on one investment.

What is the meaning of scam ?

Scam can define by many means but on internet and specially in our senses it is wastage of time and money without getting result. Scam can be of any type wastage of your time. You invested time on a lucrative earning site in expectation of getting return but when time comes you realize website is not going to pay you.

How many types of scam internet user faces :-

  • Wastage of time on a lucrative earning site
  • Wastage of time as well as money in promoting a scam page or site.
  • Wastage of money directly either by buying packages / upgrades
  • Wastage of money investing in a High return packages
  • Data leakage or Email hacked or Loosing credential due to registration on scammers websites

Why they want to scam ?

Why someone want to scam ? This is very simple because they have no ethics in their life. There upbringing may have problem or they are from criminal background. Their main aim to steal money and internet is a very good source for such thing due to no boundary of nation.

One nation policy or security can not interfere in another nations matter , due to this it is easy for scammers to fraud and get off with your money.  It is highly recommended not to invest in any website unless you know what you are doing. Specially in crypto currency there is no track of coins who got and from where , you can not prove your money is with whom. So always make sure you are not giving your hard earned coins to scam site.

How to Judge which site is scam ?

This is the main question which need to understand. In above section we wrote already how many types of scam sites available in online earning niche. Lets see how to judge them , we can not guarantee if we caught scam sites 100% but somehow we can judge which site will help us to earn some money and which not.

What type of sites we have to avoid :-

  • Any kind of Ponzi site like ( Matrix / PeopleChain )
  • Any kind of autosurf or HYIP
  • Any kind of Bitcoin Doubler or Any Coin Doubler
  • Any kind of Bitcoin Mining unless you know they are having real mining infrastructure established in any nation.
  • High reward faucets with High threshold
  • Any Paid to Click with more than usual reward per click ( Normal reward running is $0.001 per click )
  • Any fishy website where investment is required on the first step

Like to add one more point specially , your used email for earning should be different than your official email address other wise you will get a serious spam emails. Also make sure u used different passwords other than Banks/Mobiles or any activity which have any financial service attached. 


I Hope this post helped you to understand Online Earning Scam sites. Be happy and  keep your self safe and your hard earned money.