Free Domain Registration

This is a hot topic specially in faucet world these days , so many request came to make a tutorial on it.  So today i decided to first make a tutorial how to register free domain. Then later will make tutorial how to Install faucet on it.

So lets start how to register free domain step by step. Follow them :-

STEP 1 :-

Open this free domain registration site :

STEP 2 :-

Type your required domain keyword in the box given on site and press check availability.


STEP 3 :-

You can see if domain is available then it will show ” Get it now ” otherwise ” Not available “. So whatever domain extension you like which are free you can click in front of it ” Get it now “.

STEP 4 :-

Click ” Get it now ” and it will become ” Selected

select free domain button

STEP 5 :-

Once it will get ” Selected ” , the domain will go in Cart as show in image below. Click the checkout button for further steps.

free domain checkout

STEP 6 :-

Select from dropdown , 12 Month @ Free. This will give you Free domain for one year.

select free domain duration

STEP 7 :-

After selection of 12 Month @ Free , click continue.

free domain registration checkout

STEP 8 :-

If you are existing user of then u can click to login for further step. Or if you are new user then provide email address as shown in image below.

registration for free domain

STEP 9 :-

Considering we are new user for , so i provided my email. Now going to get verification link in my inbox.

verification email sent to email address

STEP 10 :-

After clicking the link from email. We are going to make our new account on Fill the form and Complete the Order.

registration form for free domain

STEP 11 :-

Once order is completed. We can login to Site back. And our domain is ready to get attached with our hosting and ready for the work.

free domain order confirmation

STEP 12 :-

After login check in menu Services > My Domains click it

freenom tutorial

STEP 13 :-

Once you click ” My Domains ” from menu. You will come to your domains page. Now Click ” Manage Domain

manage free domain

STEP 14 :-

After ” Manage Domain ” you will see this status page. In This page u can see date of registration for domain and expiry date.

free domain status

STEP 15 :-

Now click ” Managment Tools ” and then ” Nameservers ” . This will open a page from where you are able to change nameservers and attack this domain to your hosting.

free domain nameserver

STEP 16 :-

This is final step. Here Change nameserver which you hosting will provide. Usually hosting provides 2 nameservers which looks like ” &

After changing nameservers. Click the button Change Nameservers. It will take usually 10 minutes but sometimes 2-3 Hours to reflect Hosted files from Hosting Depends on You internet service DNS Propagation.

free domain nameserver change

And that’s it. Now you are able to register a free domain after this tutorial. And can make your own website for free.

Next Tutorial i am going to make , how to install Faucet on this free domain. So stay tune with us. I will link Tutorial on this page.

Have a nice day.