The first question coming in mind of beginners are what is bitcoin ? And what is the benefit of bitcoin ?

Answer of first question , What is bitcoin :- Bitcoin is a form of currency but not fiat one like USD/CAD/EURO etc, Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. Bitcoin is having no central authority to control it. Bitcoin can not get printed like paper currencies USD/CAD etc. Bitcoin is produced and handled by computers around the world and it is created and designed anonymously by a anonymous software developer  name ” Satoshi Nakamoto

Second is Benefit of Bitcoin :- Bitcoin can be used in many forms like paying your bills online same like you are paying with USD and other fiat currencies using PayPal or direct credit cards and Debit cards.



To earn bitcoin and to use them you can do many things. Like providing your services by accepting bitcoin and then paying bills with same bitcoins , there are many services online which provides platform for skilled users to do work and get payments in bitcoins. Some of them are :-



There are many ways to earn bitcoin. Some are free ways and some are paid. I am telling you the free one so that you will not loose anything. Free ways are many :-

  1. Bitcoin Faucets :- This kind of services are paying little amount of bitcoin for visiting there sites and filling 1-2 captchas, in return they will give you some amount of bitcoins. And they are earning through advertisements on there sites.
  2. Paid to Click : This kind of services are paying bitcoin in return of paying advertisers ads and watch those ads for some time like 10-30 seconds. After a certain amount of bitcoin collection you can withdraw that amount to your bitcoin wallet.
  3. Paid to Surf :  These kind of services are traffic exchange services which pays fractions of bitcoin for surfing websites on there site and in return earn bitcoin.



Bitcoin wallet is same like your actual wallet where you are collecting money and use them while traveling in market. But in bitcoin because its not printed money your wallet is also not physical one , its a software which you can either install or use by some providers. There are some Mobile wallets too which i listed below. Some of good and reliable bitcoin wallet providers online are :-

Online / Desktop Wallets :-

  1. Coinbase [ BEST FOR BEGINNERS ]
  2. Bitcoin Core Wallet
  3. Multibit
  4. Electrum
  5. Bitcoinarmory
  6. BitAddress Paper Wallet

Mobile Android Wallets :-

  1. Coinbase [Mobile]
  2. Bitcoin Wallet
  3. BlockChain Wallet
  4. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
  5. Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet [For Indians]



We already posted some of reliable bitcoin faucets in our old posts. Here i am providing the links of those posts :-

  1. Sites Like
  2. High Paying Bitcoin faucets