How to check old trade history on Binance ?

Binance trade history tutorial

Old trade history on Binance

When we are trading on Binance and suppose market gone crashed and many months passed and you forgot to write down your buy and sell price at the time of trade for your crypto tokens. After few months market recover back and now you want to know what was the price when you was trading that pair last time and at what price.

So here in this page you are going to learn that option in Binance.

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Binance is having 2 options to check history one is limited to 90 days ( 3 months ) and second is two years limit. Lets check both options.




Go to binance then check menu orders > Spot orders (click on it) > in left hand side we can see ” trade history ” . Here we have option to select date from date picker. This is limited to 3 Months only.

how to check trade history on binance

This will list all the trade which we did within 3 months from the present day.



This method is precise to particular pair only and is limited to 2 years . All we need to remember which pair we are trading for eg: Avax/Busd  so we will go directly to Avax/Busd pair trade window and scroll down for the history box.

First we have to go directly to trade window :

Now follow the steps as given in the images below.

binance trade history

Scroll down in this window and we will get bottom box as trade history. There we will click ” Trade History ” and then select the Time : Date picker.

binance trade history-tradebox

After getting this all we need to select date from to the date. ( If i am not wrong that is also limited to 3 month search at a time , if that 3  month is not mentioning any reasult then change date to next 3 month )

binance trade history-tradebox-selectdate

That is all about this topic. Hope this helps those who are in search for such thing.

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