Custom Bitcoin Address

Human desire to get something more recognizable is always in demand. And that demand also i found in my friends request.  They are asking can we get something more better in our BTC address , so that we can recognize its our.  Then i started studying about it and found very interesting and quit old system called as ” Vanitygen ” which is used to generate your own fancy or custom BTC Address.

So without wasting any further time , i downloaded it and make a test and later send some bitcoin satoshis to it and retrieve it. And found its all working.  Now like to share same thing with you guys , may be some visitor of our site too like to get there own Custom Bitcoin Address.

My custom bitcoin address : 1LoveG2GzKPvELgM8WXwGANEnAMUuToLm

Well i retrieved all my bitcoin from there after the test. So lets go with the tutorial. Let me tell you this is for Window users.

How to generate custom bitcoin address ?


First of all download Vanitygen from this Github link :  DOWNLOAD VANITYGEN


Unzip vanitygen in your PC


In this unzipped folder if u see , there are two files ” vanitygen ” and ” vanitygen64 ” . Vanitygen is for 32 Bit PC , and Vanitygen64 is for 64 Bit PC.

You can check your processor Bit by right click My Computer and then properties. You can see a screen like this.

how to check computer bitrate


I made my unzip directly into C drive in vanity folder. So it will become easy for me to use it.



After unzip go to your Run command and type cmd.



Once your command prompt opened. Follow the instructions in the given image.


Step 1 : type in window ” cd\ ” this will clear the directories and your cursor will go back to C drive.

Step 2 : To enter directory of Vanitygen , as my folder name is vanity so i typed ” cd vanity ” and u can see my cursor started pointing to inside folder.

Step 3 : Now is the main part ,  Just for tutorial purpose i made a easiest BTC request which is ” 1BTC ” so i hit enter in within 10-20 second i got addres starting with 1BTC and with privatekey.

Let me remind you BTCaddress is to recieve bitcoins while privatekey is to import bitcoin to a wallet having import facility.

Check our tutorial ” How to redeem bitcoin “.

Vanity Commands For More Alt Coins

Generate Bitcoin (BTC) etc. multi-signature addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 5 3 -k
$ vanitygen -X 5 31 -k
$ vanitygen -X 5 39 -k
$ vanitygen -X 5 3A -k
$ vanitygen -X 5 3R -k

Generate Novacoin (NVC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 8 4 -k
$ vanitygen -X 8 4D -k
$ vanitygen -X 8 4Z -k
$ vanitygen -X 8 4a -k
$ vanitygen -X 8 4d -k

Generate Feathercoin (FTC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 14 6 -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 6d -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 6z -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 7 -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 71 -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 72 -k
$ vanitygen -X 14 73 -k

Generate Anoncoin (ANC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 23 A -k
$ vanitygen -X 23 AF -k
$ vanitygen -X 23 AZ -k
$ vanitygen -X 23 Aa -k
$ vanitygen -X 23 Af -k

Generate Digitalcoin (DGC) or Dogecoin (DOGE) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 30 D -k
$ vanitygen -X 30 D5 -k
$ vanitygen -X 30 D9 -k
$ vanitygen -X 30 DA -k
$ vanitygen -X 30 DU -k

Generate Franko (FRK) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 35 F -k
$ vanitygen -X 35 FD -k
$ vanitygen -X 35 FE -k
$ vanitygen -X 35 FN -k
$ vanitygen -X 35 FR -k

Generate Litecoin (LTC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 48 L -k
$ vanitygen -X 48 LK -k
$ vanitygen -X 48 LZ -k
$ vanitygen -X 48 La -k
$ vanitygen -X 48 Li -k

Generate Namecoin (NMC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 52 M -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 Mv -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 Mz -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 N -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 N1 -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 N9 -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 NA -k
$ vanitygen -X 52 NK -k

Generate Peercoin (=PPCoin) (PPC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 55 P -k
$ vanitygen -X 55 P8 -k
$ vanitygen -X 55 P9 -k
$ vanitygen -X 55 PA -k
$ vanitygen -X 55 PX -k

Generate Vertcoin (VTC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 71 V -k
$ vanitygen -X 71 VZ -k
$ vanitygen -X 71 Va -k
$ vanitygen -X 71 Vy -k

Generate YaCoin (YAC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 77 X -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 Xz -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 Y -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 Y1 -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 Y9 -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 YA -k
$ vanitygen -X 77 YP -k

Generate BBQcoin (BQC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 85 b -k
$ vanitygen -X 85 bC -k
$ vanitygen -X 85 bZ -k
$ vanitygen -X 85 ba -k
$ vanitygen -X 85 bc -k

Generate Ixcoin (IXC) addresses:

$ vanitygen -X 138 x -k
$ vanitygen -X 138 xX -k
$ vanitygen -X 138 xZ -k
$ vanitygen -X 138 xa -k
$ vanitygen -X 138 xv -k


If you have 32 Bit machine then use ” vanitygen [space] 1[yourchoice] ”

If you have 64 Bit machine then use ” vanitygen64 [space] 1[yourchoice] ”

The more lengthy choice the more time it will take. My machine is i7 Quad core so it took around 20-30 Minute to generate ” 1LoveG2GzKPvELgM8WXwGANEnAMUuToLm ” Btcaddress. But smaller one will take hardly minute or two like address starting with 1BTC or 1BBB etc

Also like to inform you if you type ” -v ” after command vanitygen then it will open help list which can guide you for more options.

Caps O , Small l [el] , Caps I [ai] , are not allowed to use in BTC address.

There is a online service too for generating Vanity Bitcoin address :- But i will not recommend it to use as its online and privatekey from online service remain risky. But its upto.

Also like to inform you can generate Vanityaddress from CMD commands in offline mode too.

That’s it. Enjoy your new fancy bitcoin address. And have fun