How to earn interest on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is always a hot subject since 2008. And now in year 2020 crypto coin technology is getting vast and bigger. If we see market cap of bitcoin and other crypto coins , we can easily understand how big it is.

When banks are getting failed to maintain there interest percentage , Bitcoin and other alternate coins are offering Stake & Interest on coins holding in either wallet or investment platforms.

In this post i am going to guide how to earn interest on your idle bitcoins or other cryptocoins.

There are many web platforms available offering 4 – 12% per annum interest on your bitcoin. But i am going to use STAKECUBE.NET stake & Interest web platform in this post.

Difference between Stake and Interest

Staking in crypto currency means process of actively participating in transaction validation on a POS ( Proof of stake) blockchain.  On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum-required balance of a specific crypto currency can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards.

on other hand

Interest is the percentage offered by company or platform to hold certain amount for certain period of time, on that basis owner of the holding amount will get percentage. This interest can be daily / monthly / yearly.

Staking is a cycle of transactions and anyone who is participating in staking will earn fees on validating transactions while Interest is fixed on a particular time.

How to earn interest on Bitcoin and  altcoins / cryptocoins

In this post i am going to use as a platform to guide how to earn interest on your Bitcoin or Altcoins. is an old platform providing facility of Stake / MasterNode / Interest all 3 in one platform. Also they have in built exchange and very less fees compare to other such services.

STEP 1 :-

Make an account on

STEP 2 :-

First check minimum amount to deposit for whatever coin you want to earn interest or stake. To check minimum amount to deposit :

Make sure to check these symbol of Stake | MasterNode | Interest in your wallet page under coins tab.


These are the coins or interest on interest rate on coins

STEP 3 :-

Suppose i want to earn Interest on Doge. So i will get my deposit address from clicking the icon in front of my Dogecoin tab under my Wallet page. tutorial deposit address

STEP 4 :-

From the time it get confirmed in your wallet , interest will start. That’s it.

Pros & Cons for taking interest on cryptocoins

Make sure to read rules regarding interest on any site which you use for stake or interest.

Pros :-  

  • Interest is more than banks but reasonable enough.
  • Good to park money and get interest

Cons :- 

  • Make sure not to use website which looks more like fishy or HYIP
  • Crypto coin nature allowed scammers to open such lucrative offer website and scam users.

More sites offering Interest & Staking

List of Bitcoin Interest Providing Sites

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