Binance chain wallet – How to install and connect with Binance

Binance chain wallet how to connect with binance

Binance Chain wallet – How to install

One of the leading smart blockchain with less gas fees is developed by Binance labs. They 90% cheaper then Ethereium blockchain. That is why many new projects on DEFI and NFT are coming on Binance smart chain ( BEP20 ). One of their leading DEX using BEP20 is

Binance labs. are providing bridge between ERC20 to BEP20 , so crypto users can enjoy all those Tokens which are available in ERC20 with less gas fees on BEP20 too.

Lets start our tutorial how to install Binance chain wallet and then later to connect it with Binance to get fund from there.

=== STEP 1 ===

Binance wallet is available in chrome extension same like Metamask. We can even use Metamask for BEP20 blockchain. But here in this tutorial we are going to use Binance wallet. Binance chain wallet is available for Chrome extension and other browsers too.



Binance Chain wallet chrome extension

=== STEP 2 ===

Follow the step given in image below to install Chrome extension for Binance chain wallet.

Binance chain wallet for chrome extension

=== STEP 3 ===

Click ” Add extension ” to install Binance chain wallet into chrome browser

Binance chain wallet for chrome extension installation

Binance chain wallet chrome extension downloading

downloading Binance chain wallet

=== STEP 4 ===

Enable extension from extension box dropdown , so it stick on toolbar. And can use anytime when required.

enable binance chain wallet in chrome toolbar

=== STEP 5 ===

Follow step as given in image below to open wallet , and make your wallet. Make sure to keep your password and seed phrases save somewhere , with those seed phrases and password only you can get back your wallet if losted by any means.

make binance chain wallet

=== STEP 6 ===

These wallets have no username, Only password and seed phrases for the backup.

make password for binance chain wallet

=== STEP 7 ===

These seed phrases are the keys which if got leaked anyone can get your wallet and the fund in to it. So keep them safe somewhere.

seed phrase for binance chain wallet

=== STEP 8 ===

Now our Binance chain wallet is ready. We are going to connect account with Binance chain wallet.

connecting binance with binance chain wallet

=== STEP 9 ===


Follow steps as given in image below to connect binance with binance chain wallet.

confirming binance account to connect with binance wallet

=== STEP 10 ===

Login credentials of to connect with Binance chain wallet.

login to binance to connect with binance chain wallet

=== STEP 11 ===

If your account is secured with Google authenticator , it will ask for it. Also it will ask everytime any new fund if you load from Binance to Binance chain wallet.

google authentication to login binance

=== STEP 12 ===

Once you logged in to a sign message will become ready which will connect Binance chain wallet with Binance.

binance chain sign message to connect binance

=== STEP 13 ===

We have to click connect button to connect binance with Binance chain wallet.

click to connect binance with binance wallet step 2

=== STEP 14 ===

Confirm this sign message which binance and binance chain wallet shows. This confirmation will get binance connect with binance chain wallet.

confirm from wallet to connect binance with binance wallet

=== STEP 15 ===

Now in next step Bind Binance with Binance chain wallet. And  this is the final step.

click to bind binance with binance wallet

=== END ===

This is how we can connect Binance with Binance Chain wallet. Next tutorial will describe how you can load fund from binance to binance wallet and use it to buy token from pancakeswap.

Thank you for reading this tutorial.

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