Every one likes to get free traffic to there site, but they are not aware that some sites are designed to provide free traffic. Easyhits4u is one of the best site which is providing free traffic as well as free money since 2003, and still working absolutely fine. There minimum cashout is USD 3.00 ( Three Dollars ) and supporting either Paypal or Payza which ever you like. Easyhits4u is numero uno is in traffic exchange.

Lets start how to get free traffic as well as free money from Easyhits4u.


1. Click Get Started in upper right tab.

2. Register your account by filling a small form.

Easyhits4u Registration Form

3.  After Registration login to your easyhits4u account. And first thing is to add your one website at least, it should remain enable while surfing.

Easyhits4u Add Website
Easyhits4u Website Setting

4. Now go to setting to add some information related to Cashout, How much credit u want to get use and the rest will save which later u can use to get traffic.

Easyhit4u Settings

5. Start surfing now to collect credit which will provide u hits. Also more your surf more the credit as well as more Money. Right now there rate / surf is 1000 surf = USD 0.30 so on 10000 surf your will get USD 3.00 which u can cashout.

Easyhits4u Surfing
Easyhits4u Surfing
Easyhits4u Surfing Page
Easyhits4u Surfing Page
Easyhits4u Surf Captcha
Easyhits4u Surf Captcha
Easyhits4u Bonus
Easyhits4u Bonus


Easyhits4u Payment Proof