What is Metamask ?

Metamask is a decentralized wallet which is used to collect your Crypto assets including NFT and Tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

What is Mask ?

Mask – Mask Network is a protocol that allows its users to send encrypted messages over Twitter and Facebook. It essentially acts as a bridge between the internet and a decentralized network running on top.

Ref Link : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mask-network/

Metamask airdrop (Mask) token airdrop scam ?

While surfing some sites i came to get a website which is trying to scam users in the name of ” Mask airdrop ” and that website is asking for your seed phrases of Metamask. That means your all asset in Metamask will get hack. It was my duty to inform our blog visitors to stay safe and never ever give your seed phrases to anyone or you will loose all your hard earned assets.

Domain claiming to scam in the name of Metamask ( Mask ) airdrop : https://airdrop-metamask.space/

metamask airdrop


Once you click claim airdrop button it will go to next page where it will ask to connect Metamask. After clicking that button it will display this page.

metamask airdop secret phrase

Like to remind again , never give your wallet secret phrases or secret recovery keys. This will make you lost your all asset in that wallet. All those scammers knows the nature of crypto currencies which have no track records and no personal details to complain and get securities to track the crime. 


Be safe and trade with precaution, after all its your own hard earned money.