This site is not recommended.

Gradually increasing satoshis looks good for many as they love bitcoins, and this concept first started by faucet later copied by many other sites in which one is , in these kind of faucet users are allowed to claim amount any time they visit faucet by filling one captcha. These claimed amount will add to the balance and at certain slab it will either go directly to there Bitcoin address or to any gateway faucet like is one of that gradually increasing satoshi faucet which turn scam and not paying any more. Its more then 3 weeks passed they not paid to any.

There is a slab to get paid of 35000 Satoshi, i claimed 3-4 times and not got paid since 3 weeks. So i am not recommending anyone to continue this site. This site was paying long time ago, but right now they stopped.


Some more reasons why they looks like scam :

  1. There is no contact us form or email on site.
  2. There is no T.O.S or Privacy policy left.
  3. There is no transaction details.
  4. There is no user profile to check status of payments.

Same owner is running :

This site is not recommended.