Withdraw is not working since : 29th June 2016

Free bitcoins watch videos is a good concept but hardly any site pays like bitcointube.  I got paid 5 times so far from this site in a week. Like to share how to earn from bitcointube with you guys :

Step 1 :  Register a free account on bitcointube. Click to Register.

Step 2 :  Validate your email. And login back to bitcoin tube.

Step 3 :  After login to bitcointube , click on Bonus Videos under section Watch videos.

 Bonus Video section of bitcointube

Step 4 :  Watch videos by clicking the ” Watch Video ” button , it will give a 5 second advert first which you can click Skip Ad.

Bonus video 5 second advert

Step 6 :  Once video appears , click to make it start. Once it starts the timer for 30 seconds with the video time line will start too. It need Browser to be focused otherwise Video will run through out but the timer which calculates how many seconds you watch will stop. So don’t make your Browser Window down for other work.

bitcointube video timer

When browser is not focused timer will become different. So browser remain focused.

video watch page 30 second timer bitcointube

Step 7 :  Now you have collected all the BVP by watching all 10 videos. Watching all 10 videos will give you 100 BVP.  With 100 BVP ( Bonus Video Points ) you can get 50000 to 100000 Satoshis in recycled videos. ( You must check server time change for getting recycled videos everyday )

Time to get recycled videos on bitcointube is in between : 16:01 – 16;10 & 19:00 – 19:15

bitcointube server time

( Updated on 19th June 2016 )

bitcointube recycled video times

Step 8 :  If you want to earn quick, then there are option either to Upgrade Your account or  Buy Ad Pack. With every Pack we will get double benefit Handsome amount of BVP and Advertisements. Once we got reached 1000 BVP , we will enter into GROUP 1 which gives sure Paid Videos of worth 50000 Satoshi.

So with every 1400 BVP we will get 50000×14 = 0.007 BTC ( And out cost for Pack 1 is 0.005 )

I bought Pack 1 and got 1400 BVP in return i already earned 0.007 BTC. In the end of tutorial i will show my stats of Payments.

Bitcointube advertisement

Group 1 members are getting 20 Paid videos every day worth of 50000 Satoshis.

bitcointube paid videos

Step 9 :  Upgrading account is little expensive but its return is also good. Make sure upgrade only when you have good internet connection, bcoz That time you will get huge amount of videos to watch , also you will get Super Videos which can be of 0.10 BTC or more.

Also like to inform you there is a Lottery System in bitcointube where we can win 0.001 BTC. For every video we watch we are getting 1 Lottery Ticket. And for every video our referral watch we get 1 Lottery Ticket.

In lottery there are 10 free rewards.

First Place : 0.001 BTC  |  Second Place : 0.0005 BTC |  Third Place : 0.00025 BTC |  Fourth Place : 0.000125 BTC |  Fifth Place : 0.0000625 BTC |  Sixth Place : 0.00003125 BTC |  Seventh Place : 0.00001563 BTC |  Eighth Place : 0.00000782 BTC |  Ninth Place : 0.00000391 BTC |  Tenth Place : 0.00000195 BTC

Lottery win bitcointube

Step 10 :  Once you collect 0.001 BTC in your account Balance, You can withdraw it anytime. Withdraw is instant, it took 10-15 minutes due to Bitcoin transaction time.

how to withdraw from bitcointube

Enter amount above 0.001 BTC and get paid

bitcointube withdraw bitcoin

And here our payment gone. It will show pending unless 3 Confirmation will not come from Bitcoin transaction.

bitcointube payments

On Coinbase i got my payment

bitcointube payment in coinbase

Little fees is for Bitcoin Transaction, otherwise there is possibility miners will take more time to make the transaction. So it is called as Miners fees.