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Bitcointube Review : Scam or Legit ?

Bitcointube is a hot site these days for bitcoin lovers due to its ROI and rewards, when most of the sites are giving small rewards bitcointube is giving high and in such time when bitcoin price is rising to sky high.  But most of the users are not able to understand this site. So i made this review in QA format. So that i can cover most of the newbie doubts related to site.  I already wrote a review before on bitcointube which you can read here : Bitcointube review and Payment Proof

Question: How to earn from site ?

Answer : This is the basic question usually got into bitcointube chat. How to earn from bitcoin. First when you register on bitcointube site , after login to site. You have to watch ” Bonus Videos ” from Watch video section. Once you watch all 10 Bonus videos from there , you will see that your Bonus Video Points: will become 100. These 100 BVP ( Bonus Video Points ) will give you chance to buy recycled videos from the site. Or accumulate them until 1000 BVP , that means regular 10 days Bonus videos to watch and every day you will get 100 BVP which will become 1000 BVP after 10 days.

After 1000 BVP you will enter into Level 1 ( BVP Group: Level 1 ) Here after you will get daily 50000 Satoshi ( 0.0005 BTC ) Paid videos everyday, which will deduct 100 BVP from your Bonus Video Points everyday.

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Question: What to do with BVP ?

Answer : BVP ( Bonus Video Point ) are to purchase or use to buy Recycled Videos or Paid Videos.  100 BVP = 0.0005 BTC is the calculation for bitcointube site.

Question: How to get recycled videos ?

Answer : Recycled videos  are those videos which are left UN-watched by Upgrade members or Group members in there limited time of 17 Hours. Those videos go into recycle class and will get available for all members of the site at Fix time of website Server : 19:00 – 19:10 . You can see the website time in website footer. So make sure you will be available on site from 19:00 – 19:10 , Sometime recycle videos vanished in just 1 Minute. So its upto you how fast you grab them.

Question: How to turn BVP into BTC on Bitcointube ?

Answer : This is second most asked question on bitcointube , You can not turn direct BVP into BTC on bitcointube. All you have to follow the process, either accumulate BVP until 1000 BVP for 10 days and jump on Group 1 and get Paid Videos or buy Recycled Videos everyday at its server time which i mentioned in above question.

Question: How to jump Group 2  ?

Answer : This quesiton  is also asked by many. Honestly like to mention there is no way to reach Group 2 unless someone have a lot of referrals or Invest to buy Advertisement Packs. Now here is the calculation :

Each referral on Bitcointube gives 1 BVP for each video they watch, that means for 10 Bonus Video if they watch you will get 10 BVP + 10 Lottery Tickets. So to get 100 BVP you must have 10 active referrals.

Now after 10 days you will accumulate 1000 BVP , next day you will get Paid videos which will deduct 100 BVP and give you 0.0005 BTC Videos which are in this format each video gives you 2500 Satoshi x 20 = 50000 Satoshi ( 0.0005 BTC ) , So after that you Bonus Video Points will become 900 , bcoz 100 BVP got deducted for Paid videos. Same day 10 Bonus Videos will provide you 100 BVP which means 900 BVP + 100 BVP = 1000 BVP ( you came back to same BVP ) , if you have 10 active referrals you will get 100 BVP from there videos and your BVP will become 1100 , so in this case after 24 Days you will reach Group 2 once your accumulated BVP will become 2400.

Question: What is the benefit of Groups   ?

Answer : The only benefit of groups is surety of paid videos everyday , you can check on there distribution chart from top menu. Each group is getting sure income per day.

Group 1 is getting 0.0005 BTC everyday from paid videos ( 100 BVP deduct from Bonus Video Point )

Group 2 is getting 0.0015 BTC everyday from paid videos ( 300 BVP deduct from Bonus Video Point )

Same way make calculation like this 100 BVP = 0.0005 BTC , now whatever group income is mentioned there you can understand how many BVP will get deducted everyday for that much income.

Question:  How lottery works on bitcointube   ?

Answer : Lottery is totally based on video watch and referrals activity. If someone is having more active referrals he will get more lottery tickets.  Lottery tickets calculation is simple. For each video you watch you will get 1 Lottery ticket and for each video your referral watch you will get 1 Lottery ticket.  Upgrade members are getting 2x of the lottery ticket for there video watch.

Question:  Do we have any benefit from upgrade   ?

Answer : I am not  Upgrade member there so can’t give proper answer. But upgrade members are getting Super Videos which can be of any amount depends on per day sale on advertising pack. Suppose if today sale is of 1 BTC then 1% of BTC will go to super video and any upgrade member will get that video to watch. Yes one benefit is this Recycled Videos are free for upgrade members, so in this way they can earn extra BTC for sure. Bcoz all normal members of any groups are buying those recycled videos for 100 BVP , while upgrade members are getting those recycled videos for free.

Question:  How to cashout , what is minimum cashout  ?

Answer :  Cashout are so far instant , whatever time bitcoin transaction are taking . Minimum cashout is 0.001 BTC ( Deduction of Miner fees which is approx 2000 Satoshi ) so Approx 0.00098 BTC you will get into your wallet.

I tried to cover almost all basic questions but if there is any question i missed you can ask in comment section. I will try to help as soon as possible.

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