review legit or scam ?

TomyGame is a new faucet with the same concept of CetoBeto which recently closed due to there Google Adsense got suspended.

TomyGame is using same script which CetoBeto and there group sites were using. It is having features like :-

  • Bitcoin generator
  • Campaign ( Paid to Click)
  • Star Collector
  • Cheese  collector
  • Digging
  • Chat

Bitcoin Generator :- It will behave like moonbitcoin which is collecting a bunch of satoshi which can get claimed anytime. Also users are having option to change character for  there generator to collect satoshis for short period of time or long period and increase Generator speed. With collections there are random food collection too coming which can energize your Pokemon to give you extra bonus.

Campaign ( Paid To Click ) :- Paid to click is one of the source of earning in tomygame , Usually we can earn around 80-200 Satoshi per ad view.

Star Collector (Explore ) :- In this section you will get 1 star. With these stars you can change bitcoin generator character and speed up your satoshi earning.

Cheese Collector :- This section is designed as a Bonus for users to earn little more. In this section Jerry ( The Mouse ) will pick one cheese at a time, which will complete in 4 minutes to reach his hole. After that collect those 30-50 Satoshi and jerry will pick another cheese. Also after the big pieces timer will become for 10 minutes for small pieces of cheese.

Digging :- With every digging you can get random things like Stars , Random amount of free satoshis. Its all fun.

Chat :- A chat is also there for users to interact with each others and make fun.

Extra : There are some random bonuses all the day , like when doggy will comes on fence if you click on it , it will give random satoshi reward.


Payments from TomyGame are of three types. One is Directly to your wallet with 20000 Threshold and Fees of 2000 Satoshi , Epay Wallet and FaucetHub Wallet payments are having Threshold of 5000 with a minimum fees of 25 Satoshi , Once user collected 15000 Satoshi the minimum Withdraw will become 100 Satoshi for Faucethub and Epay.

Referral System

TomyGame is having a referral system too in which users will get 20% earning from there downline.

Recent Payments from TomyGame:- payment proof