Timeforbitcoin.in is a good bitcoin faucet and paying directly to faucetbox wallet. This site is alternate of moonbit.co.in

Reward : We can earn 30 Satoshi / 5 Minutes that will become 180 Satoshi / Hour . And every claim is of 5 minutes.

Time Interval : Time is normally 5 Minutes, But you can claim anytime after it. This is same like moonbit.co.in

Payment : Payment is directly to Epay, And the set amount is 20000 Satoshi. So far it is paying Instant.

Payment Proof : I got paid 20 times, recently i got paid an amount of 22974 Satoshi on 28th December 2016. So far earned total amount of 454460 Satohsi ( 0.00454460 BTC )

Timeforbitcoin Payment Proof

timeforbitcoin payment proof

timeforbitcoin payment stats