What is Tether ?

Tether is a cryptocurrency Token issued by Tether Limited Company. And Tether is using Omni Layer Protocol. The best part of the Tether token is it is some how always equal to USD 1 ( One )

Why i am informing about tether today, I found it very interesting specially at the time of drops in coins. This token is set to USD 1.00 so if bitcoin price fall down , Tether price in BTC rised and once Bitcoin price rise Tether price in BTC falls. In short it stick to somewhere 1.00 USD.

Tether Widget given below gives idea of Tether presence in Cryptomarket.

Tether becomes base market token to Buy/Sell Cryptocoins in many trade sites. And that makes really a sense.

According to Tether Limited, each unit of Tether is backed by one United States dollar held in reserve by Tether Limited,  and may be redeemed through the Tether Platform.

So if ever we are not able to understand how much Bitcoin will fall down in downtime. Best solution is to convert BTC into USDT ( Tether ) and wait for the time when market will come back. It will never fall us in loss if anything wrong happens due to Governments or Authority news for cryptocurrency from different parts of the world.

Tether Website : https://tether.to/

Tether On Twitter : https://twitter.com/Tether_to

Tether is very good for online transactions too , Suppose if we have an e-commerce website where we are selling any product there. So tether.to is providing API documentation to implement Tether as payments. Also Tether.to sends money directly to banks.

Tether app for Mobiles
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Tether is supported by many Trading sites

and there are many more which you can get from here : https://tether.to/why-use-tether/