Rewards from introduced a new reward system on there website few weeks ago. I was planning to write about it but not got time to make a post. But today is sunday and found some time to make my blog visitors aware of it.

The biggest prize which a user can win is Apple iPhone 6S (128 GB) and a lot of gadgets are there. Also many other things are in the list like Bitcoin hardware wallets, Gift Cards, Bonuses , lottery tickets and Reward Points multiplier.

With all the claims which we are doing on before we was getting 2 Lottery tickets and the free Satoshis. Now it is 2 Reward points with every claim. And with these Reward Points ( RP ) we can get many things which i am going to list our below. Also you can check whole list on site on reward menu .

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Last week i tested there reward FREE BTC BONUS for 1000% cost me 3200 RP , it gives good result. I earned more then what i expected. Actually i tested that on Saturday – Sunday. So i charge my account with 3200 RP on Saturday eve so that i can utilize full recharge which remains in my account for 24 hours. Now check the calculation , how it works.

From there RP ( Reward Point ) calculator : 1 RP ~ 12 Satoshi , that means 3200 RP ~ 3200 * 12 = 38400 Satoshi ( 0.000384 BTC )

But when you claim your reward will become 1000% time , that means 331*1000% = 3310 Satoshi / Claim

If we are able to claim more then 12 Times with 24 hours our return will become 12 * 3310 = 39720 Satoshi ( 0.0003972 BTC ) but bcoz next day was Sunday which is holiday i claimed more then 18 times so my return was : 18 * 3310 = 59580 Satoshi ( 0.0005958 BTC )

If someone is able to claim 24 times then it will become 24 * 3310 = 79440 Satoshi ( 0.0007944 BTC ) which is much more then the RP ( Reward Point ) Calculator.

This week  on 17th Sep 2016 i am testing Reward Point Bonus which costs me 1200 RP and will give me 100 Reward Points / Claim. I am expecting approx 1600-1800 RP in return so that i can utilize that next week for some another Bonus.