Review & Tutorial

Knolix is one of the best and paying bitcoin faucet directly to faucetbox instantly Xapo Wallet Instantly.  All the free bitcoin claims goes directly to faucetbox Xapo Wallet.  But due to some pop ups many users are getting afraid and not using it. Those pop ups are not harmful but advertisement to maintain knolix finance. Knolix is invite only faucet, so you must join under someon’e downline.

I like to write step by step tutorial and review on knolix.  How to earn from knolix , Knolix is one of the highest paying faucet and instant bitcoin to faucetbox Xapo Wallet.

Knolix is invite only faucet. So you must join with someone’s ref link.

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After Joining knolix , first step is to Change your password from default password. And Must save your bitcoin address otherwise you are not able to claim rewardsYou must join with your Xapo Wallet Email or you will not get paid. Also Save those Credentials ( Username and Password ) somewhere as Forgot Password service is not working on Xapo. Click on the setting button

knolix change bitcoin address

knolix bitcoin address change


Once bitcoin address saved. You are able to claim rewards.
reward of the session part1


Click the tree to claim reward. It will give you one pop up and site will redirect to
how to claim on knolix part 2


Now , you are on solve the captcha.

solve the captcha to get reward part 3


After the captcha got solved you will see a 3 Second timer. Once it become green click on button ” Get Link ” , it will also pop one or two time, you can close those popups. Some time ” Get Link ” button not works for one time click it again.

wait for timer to finish part 4

green timer time to claim reward part 5


Once you click ” Get Link ” button , site will redirect back to knolix. And your reward will go to your faucetbox Xapo Wallet account.

knolix reward on faucetbox part 6


These are not just tips but functions of knolix , the more active downline you have will give you more rewards. The best part is if you have a big downline and active you can claim upto 0.006 BTC per Hour. Yes that much big you can claim from site. Sometimes site if found that you are using VPS/VPN/PROXY then it will deduct your reward. It happen sometimes with Genuine IP address too but later it get auto solved. So don’t get panic. And Happy Earning.


Recent Payments From Knolix

knolix payment proof 18th May 2017 payment proof

knolix payment proof

knolix payment proof

knolix payment proof

knolix payment proof

knolix payment proof

knolix payment proof