Getyourbitcoin faucet is a new faucet and having no timer yet. With each claim you will get 70 Satoshi.

Reward : We can earn 70 Satoshi with every claim.  But on every fourth claim the reward become 70 x 4 = 210 Satoshi. This is a unique feature in it. So our total reward will become 420 Satoshi on every 5 claim.

70 Satoshi RewardAfter every 4th claim it will look like this

210 Satoshi Reward

Bonus : There is daily bonus too which is 10% of Satoshi you claimed in that day. Which is an additional benefit.

Time Interval : Intervals between each reward is 0 minutes. So you can claim as many times as you want.

Payment : There is no limit on payment. We can cashout anytime. But yes there is 1 hour interval in between cashouts. And payment will go to Faucetbox.

Payment Proof : I got paid many times in my faucetbox but i am providing the latest one which i took while making this post.

First Step to Get Cashout

getbitcoin payment proofClick on the FaucetBox and you will get paid directly into your faucetbox wallet.

getbitcoin payment proof1

Payment in faucetbox

Getyoubitcoin Payment Proof

getbitcoin payment proof faucetbox