REVIEW is a good bitcoin faucet and paying directly to Bitcoin wallet.

Reward : We can earn 100 ~ 300 Satoshi with every claim. And every claim is of 20 minutes. Claims are changing depends on Bonuses you are getting. Also Timer changed if you got bonus like 2X times faster or 1.2X times faster.

ClaimBTC Bonus

claimbtc bonus

ClaimBTC Bonus Page

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List of Bonus used

claimbtc list of bonuses used

Bonus : There is daily bonus too which is increasing daily by % on all claims. Which is an additional benefit. Also random Bonus are also getting popped which when used will give benefits. Like 2X Faster Claim, 1.7X faster Claim, 1.2X Faster Claim, +15 Satoshi per claim. And these Additional Bonus are for sometime until then they are beneficial.

Time Interval : Time is normally 20 Minutes, But if 2X Faster claim bonus get activated then this timer will get decreased to 10 Minute. Same way all the bonuses which is having feature of ” X Faster ” will decrease timer.

Payment : Payment is directly to Bitcoin Wallet, And the set amount is 20000 Satoshi. So far it is almost Instant or delayed due to Bitcoin network.

claimbtc payment page

Payment Proof : I got paid once recently and it was around 10 minutes delayed may be due to admin permission or bitcoin network.

Claimbtc Payment Proof, Easybitcoin Payment Proof, Takefreebitcoin Payment Proof