review and Payment Proof

Claimbtc is one of the faucet which pays highest reward ( free bitcoin ) every 20 minutes.  Its quit old faucet and i am using this site since December 2015. The best part of this faucet is,  it is not based on Google Adsense. So there is no fear of getting scam easily. Usually faucets got scammed once there Google Adsense got suspended.

Claimbtc is using custom made script which i never saw any other faucet using other then there own sister sites which are Easybitcoinfaucet and Takefreebitcoin.

Features of Claimbtc :- There are two main features in Claimbtc

  1. Faucet
  2. Dice ( MultiplyBTC )

Bonuses :- Yes Claimbtc is full of bonuses which increase rewards or reduce timer to claim rewards faster.  Also there is Loyality % Bonus for claiming every day. Which is upto 100%.  Also there is Top Claimer for every day on Statistics Page , Top 10 Claimers will get Epic Bonuses and Rare Bonuses for whole day.

My Stats on Claimbtc So Far Since 2015

claimbtc-statisticEarned So far Total Amount of : 2985241 satoshi ( 0.02985241 BTC)


Payments from Claimbtc are instant. The minimum cashout is 20000 Satoshi. Which is directly going into Bitcoin Wallet.

Referral System

Yes Claimbtc is having referral system too, which gives 25% of all the claims which downline will do. And its instant which adds to main balance.

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