Bonus bitcoin review

Bonusbitcoin one of the old and best highly paying faucet. Very good looking as per design and easy for internet users. One of my regular visiting bitcoin faucet where i stay hours to claim free bitcoins.  Its features are very good specially the settings where we can set our claim system , let me introduce this good faucet to you :-

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Bonusbitcoin registration :-

This faucet required registration which is very easy.


Bonusbitcoin email confirmation :-

After registration one confirmation email will sent to your email.


Click the link given in that email.



Login now with your email and password. Once you are login you will get this welcome screen.


Bonusbitcoin withdraw and change password :-

Click on Account then you will get ” Withdraw ” and ” Change Password ” option inside.

bonusbitcoin-withdraw-change-passwordScroll down on same page to check your Latest Transactions


Scroll down more to check Latest deposits and withdrawals payment proof stats

Bonusbitcoin claim settings :-

You can change your reward setting on bonusbitcoin : Go back to faucet and scroll down. There you will see ” Change your claim settings


Bonusbitcoin reward and alarm settings :-


Bonusbitcoin Latest payment Proof :-

bonusbitcoin payment proof 18th february 2017