Bagbitcoin faucet is new but having unique feature of collecting different rewards one by one and accumulate them into one before captcha. Also we can collect one by one too. It depends on our own choice.

Reward : We can earn around 1125 Satoshi per 10 Minutes which is quite high reward compare to other faucet around internet. ( New reward amount is 39 Satoshi every 10 minute ) That 1125 for every 10 minutes means we can get approx 6750 Satoshi every hour. That means 216 Satoshi every hour. So far that is not given by any other faucet, due to this reward of high satoshi makes this site more popular.

Time Interval : Intervals between each reward is 10 minutes. We can see live timers on every reward button. The drawback is we have no timer on title bar, so to check if timer completed we have to switch tabs in browser.

Payment : All payments above 20000 Satoshi will be paid on every friday. Directly into bitcoin wallet. The drawback is we have no option of faucetbox or Xapo.

Payment Proof : I got paid 24 times from this site, which is total of 0.01082242 BTC. Latest payment attached below

bagbitcoin stats

bagbitcoin payment proof

This review is rechecked on Date : 13th January 2017 ( Any changes in Reward and Payment need to get verified from site )


Bagbitcoin Payment Proof (10th January 2017)
bagbitcoin payment proof 10th January 2017