What is bitcoin faucet ?

” Bitcoin faucet ” is a term used to indicate a site which offer bitcoin in exchange of some task. Those task can be either solving captcha or visiting a short link or tweeting / retweeting some content etc.

In old days of bitcoin when world was not much aware of bitcoin , there was faucet offering 5 Bitcoin per visit to solve simple captcha. Yes you read right , 5 Bitcoins not 5 satoshi.

old bitcoin faucet paying 5 bitcoin for a single visit

References : https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/6vsmyu/the_original_bitcoin_faucet_used_to_give_away_5/

Because of no popularity its price too was not worth a single cent or hardly 5 cent for 5 full BTC. But slowly it got popular and today when i am writing this page its price is around 57620 USD. Which means 5 x 57620 = 288100 USD. No body can assume at that time Bitcoin will become such a huge asset for the value.

Are Bitcoin faucet worth it ?

The answer for this question depends on taste. Still majority of world is not aware of bitcoin or crypto currencies and for them its of no use. For example : If i am not aware of how to operate an aeroplane and my life have no regular movement to visit far distance. An aeroplane is of no use for me. 

Like i mentioned above in year 2010-2012 bitcoin faucet was giving 5 full BTC for visiting their page. In that time if someone was technical and was able to analyze BTC will become such a huge asset in coming days and if he hold those BTC. Then What we will say ? In today he was a millionaire. 

Collecting 1-20 satoshi in 2021 looks small but there is huge possibility in 2025 Bitcoin will cross $100000 then these small fractions too will look really big. ( Crypto market is based on speculations )

But for crypto lovers and Bitcoin collectors , faucet is still free and best source to get bitcoin and other altcoins. Is it worth to invest our time on faucet ? Yes , this depends on you. If you can earn more in same time then faucet is not worth for that time. But if you are free and want to get some bitcoin dust in your bag , then faucet are still worth to test.

How to earn from bitcoin faucet ?

This question is having 2 parts. Are you bitcoin dust collector (user) ? Or are you bitcoin dust distributor (faucet owner) ?

If you are dust collector or in other words bitcoin faucet user : Faucet are giving 0.0005 to 0.002 USD equivalent worth of bitcoin for visit or doing a task these days in year 2021. Some of them are instant to microwallets while many others are having threshold to cashout. It depends on which type of platform they are using to pay to their members.

If you are dust distributor or in other words bitcoin faucet owner :  Faucet are worth to try as a source of extra income , many advertising agencies are giving good CPM / CPC rates for faucets or GPT related to crypto coins.  It depends on how u promote your faucet. Some of the big faucet like freebitco , faucetcrypto are earning good revenue from their site. They made it promote regularly and now they are grabbing a good alexa rank.

Are bitcoin faucet profitable ?

This depends on how someone promote his faucet and getting permissions from advertising agencies to display their ads on your faucet. Also it is 100% based on visitors , if they are real and genuine visitors for sure bitcoin faucet still profitable as a website business.

One more thing like to mention here , Bitcoin faucet as a simple faucet may be not get success much because after collecting dust from faucet user easily got distracted in that cooling period ( time between two claims ) , So if other features are also included in that site which keeps him visiting other pages then it will increase impression as well as keeping user busy on your site. This increase your revenue from advertisers.

*** Never use google adsense on bitcoin faucet , this will risk in getting adsense banned ***

How to set Bitcoin faucet reward

This is a very good question by the way , in what mode a faucet owner give reward to their members. As per my experience with the faucet users and as i study with their chats and interaction with them, majority of faucet users are less technical and more towards looking for good earning. On other hand as a faucet owner main problem is fund to keep faucet running. Advertisers are sometimes delaying payments and sometimes there CPM/CPC rate got decreased due to lack of advertisements.

Being a faucet owner is a continuously hectic job specially to tackles Bot Claimers and Fake users. Also to handle how to block auto captcha players as well as to maintain Hosting and updating scripts.

Reward should be in USD and it will display as USD too so no confusion will occur in users mind. When they go to withdraw at that time offer them cashout in different crypto currencies like Bitcoin , Litecoin , Doge , Dash , etc. Make conversion from USD to Crypto on same page. This is not make any confusion in users mind. Also reward in USD keep faucet stable even if Bitcoin price goes above 60000 or below 40000. Reward for the faucet remain as it is and this will encorage all kind of users to stay in faucet.

*** Dont display There balance USD to BTC in header , this makes them distracted when BTC goes up. And due to that possibility of more withdraw request comes frequently which cause un-necessary burden on transaction gateway.

Which faucet script is best ?

Any faucet script can be best or worst , it depends on how technical you are. I always prefer to code my own faucet from scratch so i can handle all kind of bugs by myself. And every part of code goes from my eyes so i know what is what and where. But not all can learn coding so here are some of the script majority of sites are using these days :

*** Faucet in a box by Makejar is free script with support for many microwallets. 

*** GR8 Faucet and VieFaucet are commercial script and can purchase from above links. 

Which payment gateway is good for Bitcoin Faucet ?

My experience with this field since 2014 is always use Microwallet , this helps to both faucet owner as well as faucet user. Faucet owners need to pay less fees and faucet user got their payments instant. Instant payment faucet getting good traffic and become profitable is less time. Also microwallet are center for many user where your faucet got promoted from faucet list for free.

But faucet like freebitco and faucetcrypto changed their discourse and establish their own direct payment system. And they are also very trustable faucets where thousands of users are using them at a time.

Which Adnetwork is good for faucet ?

There are many adnetwork available for crypto advertising. Some of them are very old and reliable and some are new. It depends if they are giving your faucet permission to run there ad blocks. Some of the regular adnetwork are :

I just listed few which i remember , there can be many more.