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How to Upgrade phpMyAdmin in Xampp

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to upgrade phpmyadmin in Xampp.

Here in our xampp it was showing an alert that my phpmyadmin is old and new is already available.

phpmyadmin upgrading

So lets upgrade this phpmyadmin to latest version of 5.2.0

Download Xampp For Different OS :

—STEP 1—

First stop all services of Xampp.

Go to phpmyadmin official website :

Download latest version , it will come in .zip format.

download latest version of phpmyadmin

—STEP 2—

Go to your xampp folder and take backup of your phpMyAdmin folder.

backup of phpmyadmin folder

—STEP 3—

Now make folder of phpMyAdmin empty and left as it is in the folder.

—STEP 4—

Extract downloaded phpMyAdmin latest version which we downloaded. And copy all the files and folders to our xampp > phpMyAdmin folder

—STEP 5—

After copying all the files now start xampp services. And check phpMyAdmin.

So here our phpmyadmin is already upgraded to 5.2.0 ( Latest release is now 5.2.1 )

phpmyadmin updated


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