useful windows commands

Useful Windows Commands

In this post we are going to provide a list of windows commands which we can use to display many hidden information related to our machine. This will make a lot of problems solved at the time of troubleshooting.

Command Detail of Command
systeminfo Displaythe following system information – Computer name, OS version, OS installation Date, BIOS Version, windows Directory, Size of memory, Network Card Information
Ping The ping command is usually used as a simple way to verify that a computer can communicate over the network with another computer or network device
Tracert Tracert command is used to determine the path of the remote system. This tool also provides the number of hops and the IP address of each hop.
Traceroute Traceroute is a very useful network debugging command and it is used in locating the server that is slowing down the transmission on the internet and it also shows the route between the two systems.
nslookup Use to querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to diagnose Domain Name and IP address resolutions, this tool is also available on other operating systems
netstat provides information and statistics about protocols in use and current TCP/IP network connections.
netstat -an display a list of all open network connections on their computer
arp This network command is used to change and view the *RP table, which contains the mappings between the IP address and the MAC address.
hostname Display the Computer Name
ipcpnfig Display the TCP/IP Configuration of Computer
ipconfig /all Display the same information as ipconfig with the addition of your MAC (hardware) address, DNS and DHCP server addresses, IP lease information
ipconfig /release For Realese the current IP Configration of PC
ipconfig /renew For Renew the IP Configuration
ipconfig/? Display the all ipconfig commands
ipconfig / flushdns To ensure Windows is getting addresses from the new DNS servers instead of I using old, cached entries, run the ipconfig /flushdns command after changing your DNS server.
pathping Combines the functions of Traceroute and Ping to identify problems at a router or network link.
getmac Displaythe MAC Address of Connected Device in Network
Tasklist Display the Currently Running applications in Computer
taskkill End/close the perticuler Running applications
shutdown -s Shutdown the compuer using commandline
shutdown -r Restart the computer using command line
shutdown -s -t Time (seconds) Set the automatic shutdowntimer for your computer, give the time In second (example – shutdown -s -t 3600) 3600 means 60 min
shutdown -i shutdown the remote computers which is in network.
time Display the Current date and time of computer
ver Display the OS version of computer
chkdsk Run The check Disk Utility (Drive check )
finger Finger command is used to retrieve the information about a user on a network.
sfc/scannow The sfc /scannow command rum a system file checker tool that scans Windows system files and looks for problems. If some files are mining or corrupted, this command fixes them.
mkdire Create folder
convert The convert command is used to convert FAT or FAT32 formatted volumes’ to the NTFS format.
where The where command is used to search for files that match a specified pattern.

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