Free hack to improve mobile signals

improve mobile signals

Improve cellular signals if ever required.

Here are some methods which we can follow when our cellphone are getting weak signal or no signal.

1. Get free space while in crowd where we feel our signals are getting dropped. Giving enough space around us boost up signal majority of time , due to lack of interference of other cellphones.

2. Go to some elevated place so that line of sight between cellphone and nearby tower become more clear. This will boost up signals.

3. If in a party and found signals dropped. Find a window around us and open it this will give cellphone access to the nearby mobile tower. Walls inside building are obstruction in those signals.

4. When signals are getting dropped , calliaphones are consuming more battery. It is a good suggestion to put our phones on charge sometimes this works to get signals back.

5. Putting mobile on Airplane mode for few seconds and Live it back will also helpful in getting fresh signals , or just rebooting mobile is also helpful.

6. Closing unwanted apps from mobile phones also help mobile to get its resources boost up and possibility of getting signals boost up.

7. Try to make mobile phone vertical with holding it from bottom minimal touch from sides and keep it vertical for sometime. It actually Boostup mobile signals , normally our mobiles are having a signal antenna inbuilt which having a circuit on the sides of mobile phone.

8. There is an old trick If none of the above tricks works , try to get someone else mobile having signal near to your mobile it also boostup mobile to catch a signal.

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