File Extensions ( All About File Extensions )

all about file extensions

All About File Extensions

Are you aware of file extensions ? if not we in this post going to list some of the important file extensions which comes in our daily use.


Text and Data

.doc : doc file extension is used by Word Processing Documents.

.docx : docx file extension is a Microsoft Word text Document. This format ( file extension ) was introduced as a new standard for text documents when Word version 2007 got released. The aim to release this file extension is to establish a file format based on XML, which takes less storage space. ” docx ” is a combination of .doc and ” X ” stand for XML , so it become .docx.

.rtf : rtf file extension is for ” Rich Text Format “. This format can be used by different operating systems and their word processors.

.txt : txt file extension is for ” text file “. This is a format used by notepad editor usually comes with Window Operating system.

.xls : xls is file extension for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

.xlsx : xlsx is a file extension for Microsoft Excel 2007. In this format the last alphabet ” x ” stands for XML , while xls is an old format for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. xlsx save storage capacity compare to xls.

.ppt : ppt file extension is Power Point Presentation format. It is demonstrations of data , methods or a sequence of steps by which something is done.

.csv : csv ( comma separated values ) is a file extension , a text file that has a specific type of format which allows data to be saved in a table structures format.


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