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Social Media Abbreviations

This is the age of social media and 90% of the population using internet is connected with social media platforms whether using Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , Whatsapp , Telegram etc. Many of these social media platforms are allowing good amount of words to write but some of them specially twitter is allowing limited number of words per tweet.

When limitation of words become obstruction in expressing your matter … ” Abbreviations” comes in use. So here are some of those abbreviations which comes under use in regular days.

List Of Chat Abbreviations

?4U I have a question for you.
^^ Read line above
121 one-to-one
<3 love
2 to
2mrw tomorrow
4 for
AFK away from keyboard
AKA also known as
ASAP as soon as possible
A/S/L age/sex/location
AYT Are you there?
B2W back to work
B4 before
BBL Be back later
BBS Be back soon
BF boyfriend
BFF best friend(s) forever
BRB Be right back
BTW by the way
CBL Come Back Later
CMB Call me back
CMIIW Correct me if I’m wrong
CU See you
CU L8R See you later
CUZ/COS because
CWYL Chat with you later
DC disconnected
DIY Do it yourself
DM Direct Message
F2F face-to-face
FAQ frequently asked questions
FB Facebook
FYI for your information
FYEO for your eyes only
IK i know
IDK i Dont Know
NP No Problem
OMG Oh My God
WDYM What do you mean

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