Are CPU Getting weaker with time ?

Does a CPU get weaker over time?

Do processors slow down with age?

This is very interesting Question in almost everyone’s mind whoever using Computer machines. The answer for this question is : No.

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What is CPU ?

CPU full form is  Central Processing Unit , it is Most essential part of the Computer machine which is required to controls the interpretation and execution of instructions. CPU can be a single Microprocessor or Multi Microprocessor depends on Machines and the work.

So now come back to our main Question are CPU getting weaker with time ? Our answer is ” No ” . Why this misconception created ? with time as we are aware technical languages are getting complex as well as advancement on software developments ,  and a lot of work is required to run at same time for example : A Complex code with a lot of JavaScript and Backend processing commands can easily need a lot of processing power to get the result. A multi thread multi core CPU can easily distribute those task and get result in more quicker time compare to Single core single thread CPU. That is why Old CPU which were design with Single Core Microprocessor are not able to run latest Web application with a lot of Javascript or Jquery applications. But they were good for those years when they developed. Still they can operate as fast as they were design for those Era web applications or applications.

So the answer is CPU not getting weaker with time.

The performance related to Heatup of CPU on intensive demand depends on many factors including Dust on Heatsink , Lack of Cooling Lubricant applied on Processor before Installation. Regular clean up heatsink and fan will keep CPU cool while doing intensive task.


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