What is NEM (XEM) Coin and How to get it free?

XEM ( NEM ) is a crypto currency like many other for example : Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. NEM ( New Economy Movement ) is the company behind development of XEM coin. They wants to develop a smarter and more technically advanced blockchain. They don’t want there technology to be another one but something different which public appreciates.

NEM ( XEM ) came out from a fork of NXT in 2015, which is another popular blockchain-based virtual currency and payment network platform.

XEM is developed by Singapore based Non-Profit organization called NEM.io Foundation. They developed more faster and scalable coin to handle transaction out of NXT fork.

Official Website of XEM ( NEM ) Cryptocoin : Nem.io

Wallet for XEM ( NEM ) Cryptocoin

Exchange for XEM ( NEM ) Cryptocoin

Block Explorer for XEM ( NEM ) Cryptocoin

Free Faucet for XEM ( NEM ) Cryptocoin

Here in this section we will provide you some free XEM ( NEM ) coin faucet. All you have to register with your email or xem address and solve simple captcha and get fraction of xem in each claim. Once you collected up to threshold withdraw to your wallet or any exchange.

S.No Site Name Reward / Hour Timer (Minutes) Payout Join
🌷 Freenem ~ 0.0015 60 Instant [Direct]
🌷 DutchyCorp ~ Earning Varies No Timer Instant [Direct]
🌷 PtcBits ~ Vary 10 Instant [Direct]