How to use Lands Of Chaos

Lands of Chaos one of the high paying faucet by Geek Basic. He is also running BitMMgp Faucet which is also one of the highest paying site. And many other faucets.

Many newbie complained that they are not able to understand how to claim from Land Of Chaos ? So here i am going to tell how u can claim.

Step 1 : Register on Land of Chaos by Click this link :- Click To Register On Land Of Chaos

Registration page only need your Username , Password and BTC Address. Rest all Boxes are optional u can leave them.

Step 2 : After registration login back and click on Profile and follow this step every time to claim 100 30 Satoshi every 5 minutes.

Landsofchaos How to Claim Reward

Read Properly as Most of the Users are doing Mistake in this Step.  You have to claim from ” Extra Bitcoin ” Page not the same page. Same page after login will give only 20 Satoshi one time. ” Extra Bitcoin Page ” will give 100 30 Satoshi every 5 minutes. So make sure you are claiming from right page.

Step 3 : After u click as instructed above you will get a form like this with two captchas. You have a choice to to pick either payment to ” FaucetHub ” or ” FaucetSystem” it depends on you.

LandsOfChaos How to Claim Reward After you click claim you payment will get dispatched Instantly.

landofchaos reward

Repeat these steps every 10 minutes 5 Minutes and earn Good amount of Bitcoins.

WARNING :- Make sure if u missed anyone the captcha between two or filled wrong captcha , then your next claim will be available after 1 hour. 

Happy Fauceting.