What is Solana ?

Solana is one of the biggest and fast growing cryptocoin as well as blockchain who claim them self as the fastest transaction blockchain. Solana was officially launched in March 2020 by the Solana Foundation with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Solana is project of Solana foundation who are handling Defi / NFT / Web3 applications too. Many investors are behind this project as an alternate for Ethereum.

Official Website : solana.com

CoinMarketcap page : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/solana/

How to mine Solana Coin ?

Solana is not mineable blockchain. You can earn solana either by staking your Solana in an offer occasionally launched by many sites like Binance , Kucoin etc.

Those who are claiming to mine Solana are actually not directly mine Solana but giving reward in Solana. Those offers which tells ” Mine Solana Coin ” are actually utilizing your mining ability either from CPU or GPU for the mineable coin and in return for the mining reward they offer Solana. While searching this subject we found a site offering many rewards in those token which are not mineable including Solana in it : – Unmineable.com

How to earn free solana ?

To earn free solana tokens there are many online websites which pays in solana for small works like Paid to Click , Paid to Surf , Visiting Short links , Offerwalls etc. I am going to list some of good website below which helps you to earn free Solana everyday with very less minimum withdrawl thresold.


List of Free Solana Faucets

Site Name Reward Timer Payment Type Join
DutchyCorp 390 SOL AutoFaucet 10 Min
VieFaucet 600 SOL 3 Min
Coinpayz 600 SOL 3 Min
AutoFaucet 1200 SOL 5 Min
Coinpot 1200 SOL 5 Min
HilanoFaucet 600 SOL 3 Min