Double your bitcoin

Bitcoin doubler are hot these days but always risky.  Here in this tutorial i am not telling you to invest any money on any site.

I never invest my money on any doubler neither i will recommend my blog users to do this kind of gambling. Its highly risky and possibility is you will never get your money back, most of these sites are operated by HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ) Owners who are usually professional in scamming.

I am going to tell how we can double our bitcoin through is having a feature recently added called as reward points. If you go  on it page there are many things you can do with those reward points, Like winning an iPhone , Samsung phone etc , Also can win Bitcoin Hardware Wallets. In Same page you can see ” Free BTC Bonus ” . There you can buy that that service for 24 Hours by using your reward points and can double your bitcoin. Its basic is started from 10% to maximum of 1000%.

So by using 1000% you can actually going to get Present Reward x 1000% which is approx 3280 Satoshi / claim as per today’s claim rate. ( 2nd October 2016 )

Here is how i used 1000% Bonus Upgrade for 3200 RP ( Reward Points )

Double Bitcoin