Profit with Crypto trading

Trading is always an interesting subject with profit and loss hidden into it. From ages it is one of the most discussed topic in online business and specially in crypto coin world. Prediction , speculation and market rumour all makes effect on trading of an individual. Most important thing with trading is Patience.

This time i tried my trade with ETH ( Ethereum )  and got lucky , market for ETH is rising due to ETH 2.0 and i made profit of $120 in 15 days of patience.

How i gain 120 Dollar from Crypto coin

This is an internal feature of wallet i am using name : having exchange integrated into it. In some wallet it is available with ” coin swap ” name. They are taking some fees for using that feature.


All we need to keep an eye on Crypto news and make our self up to date with what is latest rumour coming for which coin. Right now hot topic is ETH 2.0 which can boost ETH – BTC market and can make ETH worth 0.05 BTC per coin.

As we are aware trading with crypto is always risky due to volatile market and nature of crypto coins.

One of the biggest drivers of volatility in the cryptocurrency market is speculation. This involves investors betting that the price of different cryptocurrencies will go up or down by buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

May be i can make more profit , because still ETH – BTC market is hot. But i prefer to play safe and convert back with a reasonable profit of 0.003 BTC.

Let me remind once again , Patience and right time trade. These two things are key for trading. If you have no patience possibility of your trade is loss. At the time when i bought ETH at price of 0.033 BTC / ETH with in 2 hours it fall down to 0.030 BTC / ETH. If i got panic and sell at that time i will face loss of 0.003.

So keep your patience level high while trading. And keep and eye on News and rumours.

Some of good trading sites are :-

Many cryptocoin exchanges are listed here :

This is an old tutorial written at the time when i was using cryptopia which is closed :-  Crypto trading tutorial for beginners. 

All trading platforms are having same concept and layout. So its easy to understand with the above tutorial.

Tips :

Always study which ever coin u like to trade or want to hold for some time. If you find sound and technical team behind the coin then go for it other wise dont go for long. History of altcoins are telling 90% are loosing their values with time. 

Some of my right now expectations are going with :-

  • TRX ( Tron )
  • VET ( VeChain )
  • ZEN ( Horizen )