Faucetpay.io got hacked 

One of the biggest microwallet to handle dust collection from thousands of faucets got compromised 2 days back. As per their report their Hot wallet got compromised and hacker was able to get $ 612523 amount of asset from there.

Breakdown of the hacked funds:

3.58932114 BTC ( USD 219,007.10 )
1030271.94 TRX ( USD 54,365.38 )
43072.2188 USDT ( USD 43072.21)
108.5992645 DASH ( USD 26,586.54 )
4.00000000 BCH ( USD 2,355.08 )
618,399.9256972 DGB ( USD 38,367.38 )
280.65664095 LTC ( USD 62,680.42 )
2,624,596.00000000 DOGE ( USD 164,144.85 )
0.484382512238528 ETH ( USD 1905.63 )

= USD 612,523.21

Many of the faucet users got effected due to this hack.

What is the lesson for us from this hack ?

As i was monitoring their telegram group where more then 25000 users are listed. Faucet owners and Faucet users both. Some of them are getting panic due to situation and its obvious as human nature is easy to get panic with the hard time.

Many of them are facing more problem due to lack of information while using faucetpay. Let me remind you faucetpay is a microwallet , not a wallet. Always keep urself updated when getting involved with any thing where money is involved.

faucetpay.io hacked problem faucetpay.io hacked problem

Faucetpay.io is microwallet which is designed to collect dust of crypots from different services in which majority of them are crypto faucets. Some of users gave their faucetpay deposit address to their mining activity , here is the problem. Now they are in bad situation as mining reward are keep going in same compromised addresses which faucetpay.io is saying to discontinue. This is the biggest mistake when we started a thing without knowing its real work.

Always use properly designed wallets for the work where continuous amount of flow is coming specially mining work.

Suggestion :

Don’t withdraw in faucetpay until they fixed their issue. Regular withdraw your asset from microwallets as they are not regular wallets. Don’t hold too much amount in microwallets as they are more prone for attack due to continous activity of crypto ongoing and outgoing.