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CSS Text Shadow – CSS Multiple Shadow

In this tutorial we will learn how to make multiple shadows by using css.

p { text-shadow: 100px 1px 1px #8b04f0,6px -13px 1px #0f0,10px 10px 1px #000; font-size:30px;}

Here we are going to explain first how shadow css works.

CSS shadow works on 3 axis with color after it. ( text-shadow : x-axis y-axis z-axis #color )

So if we want to make single shadow to a text with red color our code will be like ( text-shadow : 5px 5px 5px #ff002a )


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It will look like this :

css text shadow

And when we go for multiple shadows it will look like this

css multiple text shadow

my css code for the above is

text-shadow: 100px 5px 1px #8b04f0,6px -13px 1px #0f0,10px 20px 1px #000,-100px 6px 1px #ff002a; font-size:30px;


Hope this tutorial helps our reader. Thank you

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